What You Should Know About Paintless Dent Removal


What You Should Know About Paintless Dent Removal

Every now and then you get a dent in your car. But all is not lost. If you have a small or medium-sized dent, you won’t have to pay a ton of money to get rid of it. What you need is Paintless Dent Removal, also known as Paintless Dent Repair. This is by far the most effective and the most affordable method of removing the dent without removing the paint itself.

Paintless dent removal is a great choice for car, truck or SUV owners who would like to repair any dents, door dings and creases without altering the paint itself.

Besides not altering the paint, PDR is a great choice for many other reasons. Stick around to find out.

Quick turnaround time  

Paintless Dent Removal is great choice if you’re in a hurry. This doesn’t take much time and most automotive repair shops will have your car ready the same day you brought it in. What’s more, some dents can be fixed in less than an hour! Although some larger dents will take a bit longer, it’s still less time consuming compared to conventional methods which can take weeks.

Retains vehicle’s value  

Dents and dings can seriously lower the resale value of your car or truck. Paintless Dent Removal will return your vehicle to its original condition without altering the original paint finish. That's why PDR can significantly increase the vehicle’s resale value.

It’s wallet friendly

Paintless Dent Repair is not only quick and efficient, but also a lot cheaper than conventional methods of dent removal, especially if the dents are small. In fact, PDR often cost less than your auto car insurance policy deductibles.

It’s eco-friendly

Apart from being wallet-friendly, PDR is als eco-friendly, since no chemical are released into the atmosphere in the process.  

You get to keep the original paint

Repainting is another added cost you need to consider when you’re repairing the dings and dents the traditional way. For one - it’s costly, and for two - it’s not your original paint. In addition to that, if you’re planning on selling your vehicle in the future, it’s highly advisable to have the original paint on if you want to keep the vehicle’s value at its best.  

The results are awesome

Probably the best thing about PDR is the fact that you get spotless results. When you hire the right technician with skills and the proper tools, your car will look like absolutely nothing has happened to it.