Reno Dent Removal.

When you have a nice car you want to keep it looking nice right? Well sometimes your pretty ride will get dinged up in parking lots from shopping carts, or maybe a foul baseball will cause a nasty dent on the hood of your car. Or maybe while visiting friends, your truck was parked under a tree and some acorns fell onto the roof of your truck and caused a few small dents. 

Well don't sweat it too much, because we can repair all of these nasty little dents, and even better, its Paintless! while you wait, or at your home or office. Our mobile Paintless Dent Removal service for the greater Reno Tahoe area will get your car looking back to perfect in no time! 

Our special PDR process, is fast, convenient and eco friendly. We use no nasty chemicals or paints while repairing the damage. Most of the repairs we make cost less than your deductible so there is no reason to even make an insurance claim. 

Next time you have a dent or a ding, don't fret, just call Apex Paintless Dent Repair. 

contact Justin @ 775 830 9499 or Kevin @ 775 525 0918 for a free estimate.

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