Our new website!

New Website, New Blog, New Season. 

Hey whats up, This is Kevin McKinley from Apex Paintless Dent Repair. We got our new website up and running. I'm really digging the new design & I'm excited to get more involved with our online presence.   BOOM. 


So a little about our company with a quick introduction. I figure that is a good start then we can get into the fun stuff with this Blog. I will occasionally dive back into some marketing, but this blog will mostly be about what is happening in our cites and towns that Justin and myself live in....that's respectively Reno, Nevada, and Valparaiso Indiana.  and what we are into. Boost Cars, Race Cars, Off Road Trucks, Jeeps, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Travel, Dents, Tools, Etc.....it just goes on and on. So we will try to tie in those things, with our towns. Local events, cool things happening.....you get it.  

Apex Paintless Dent Repair, was founded in the summer of 2013 in Reno, Nevada.    We are just two dudes that really like cars, and working with our hands. We are craftsmen of our trade, and we love our jobs day in and day out. Our company gives us freedom to work with great people, travel a bit, and have time to do other things that were interested in.    We started out servicing dealerships and a few body shops in the Reno / Tahoe area...flash forwards a couple of years, and we have expanded into more of a retail dent repair company for our local clients in Reno, and Kevin has become nearly fully involved in the auto hail repair scene in the Midwest. In the Reno area, Justin is the guy. He handles all of our service calls for Retail, Dealer, and Body. He is a busy guy to say the least. I'm really glad to have him as my business partner though. On the hail side of things, Kevin moved to the Midwest in March 2016 with the intent to chase hail storms and sell huge repair contracts to auto dealerships & body shops when their area gets owned by hail damage. 

We try to stay highly involved with our clients, so if you want to know more about us, just hit us up on the interwebs, or call us. 

Later Yall